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Stoves Richmond 600Ei Jal Jalapeno Electric Double Oven Cooker

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Richmond 600Ei. # 60cm electric double oven with induction technology, slow closing cast aluminium lid and easy clean enamel. A/A energy rating. # Easy Clean Enamel - Wipe away spills easily with our specially designed enamel which helps prevent food from sticking on to the surface.. # Fanned Defrost - A function where the oven fan assists defrosting by circulating air around the food.. # Top Oven Conventional Cooking with Variable Grill 37 Litres. # Main Oven Fan Assisted 65 Litres. # Induction Ceramic 4 Zone Hob. # Induction technology is available on freestanding, built-in hobs and range cookers. It works by heating the pan rather than the hob, creating a smarter, faster, safer and more precise way to cook. When a pan is placed on an induction hob, it completes a magnetic circuit below the hob’s surface, this creates energy within the pan’s base, which in turn heats the pan. As the heat is only heating the pan and not the zoned area no energy is wasted. Induction gives you outstanding low-heat performance and increased control. Perfect for delicate sauces, you can even melt chocolate directly in the pan. An induction hob can boil water considerably faster than a ceramic hob and it is twice as fast as a gas hob. Induction hobs work with any pan that has iron in its base. Use a magnet to check if your pan is suitable - if it connects to the base of your pan, it will work on the induction hob. Smarter: Intuitive technology means you can pause, recall your last temperature or even programme when your hob turns off, helping you to achieve perfect results. Faster: It’s nearly twice as fast as a gas hob and 30% faster than ceramic. You have the option of power boost which draws additional power when required – perfect for wok cooking. Safer: The hob will not function unless a suitable pan is placed on the zone and if left unattended for a long period all cook zones will automatically turn off. Greener: Induction cooking doesn't lose any heat through convection, so it's 30% more efficient than a gas hob and 25% more than a ceramic hob. . # Product Code 444444730