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Rangemaster Toledo 90 Electric Ceramic Induction Hob Range Cooker Gloss Black Rangemaster Toledo 90 Electric Ceramic Induction Hob Range Cooker Gloss Black
Product Codes TOLS90EIGB 88080 TOLEDO 90 INDUCTION GLOSS BLACK. # Sophisticated, yet simple to use, the Toledo is every cook’s dream cooker. # With its hard-wearing enamel hob, contemporary handles and ergonomically designed control knobs, the Toledo rangeoffers an imposing yet stylish look. Despite its compact proportions, the beautifully crafted Toledo 90 creates a bigimpact. Available in a wide variety of finishes, it offers you the flexibility and practicality of Rangemaster's uniqueconfiguration of two programmable ovens, and includes the tall electric fan oven (standard on all fuel options), andseparate grill compartment.KEY FEATURES• A rated ovens giving the best possible energy efficiency• Induction hob, for truly flexible and responsive cooking with "hot hob" indicators for added safety• Handyrack, adjustable rack attached to oven door making it easy to tend to roasts• Catalytic liners, the cook clean liners absorb fat and steam during cooking, and release these deposits to the basewhen above 200°C, ensuring that the oven is kept as clean as possible with the minimum effort• Timer, for added peace of mind when cooking unattended• Porthole door, making it easy to check on food without having to open the oven door• The tall oven, has been designed to accommodate four roast chickens at once, achieving the most economical yetfunctional use of space ever. # Available Colours:Gunmetal Grey with Chrome Trim.Stainless Steel with Chrome Trim.Gloss Black with SatinTrim.Champagne with SatinTrim.Silver with ChromeTrim.

Price: 1,790.00