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Linsar HD24E1DVD 24 Linsar HD24E1DVD 24" DVD/TV LED TV # Free 5 Year Guarantee
The HD24E1DVD is 720p HD Ready, coming with a 1366 x 768 resolution, and providing a great looking display. So, whether you’re watching TV shows or popping in a DVD, your content will look fantastic. # Equipped with Freeview HD, you can access a huge variety of channels without needing any additional boxes. # Sleek Design. # Featuring a super slim design, the HD24E1DVD is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else you might want a compact TV.. # The design also makes it ideal for wall mounting – ideal for rooms that are tight on space or surfaces.. # Built-in DVD Player. # You don’t just get a TV when you buy the HD24E1DVD, but you also get a DVD player, built into the appliance. This helps save space and makes it simple to watch films or . # TV programmes.. # Pop in a DVD and get on with the cooking, or snuggle up in bed while watching your favourite soap. With the HD24E1DVD, you get the freedom to watch what you want.. # User-Friendly. # Not only does the HD24E1DVD offer great features, but it’s also really easy to use. The remote control has been specially designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so you can make your selections quickly.. # Keep Connected. # Just because you have a built-in DVD player, doesn’t mean you can’t connect other devices to the HD24E1DVD. It has two HDMI slots, ideal if you want to connect a console for a great gaming experience. Or, you could connect a laptop and Blu-ray player – the choice is yours.. # There’s also a SCART slot, which is great for when you’re feeling nostalgic. Connect a VHS or home movie player to the HD24E1DVD to enjoy old favourites or revisit cherished memories.

Price: 229.99