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Samsung RB29FSJNDSA1  Silver Frost Free FridgeFreezer    # FREE 5 YEAR GUARANTEE  Samsung RB29FSJNDSA1 Silver Frost Free FridgeFreezer # FREE 5 YEAR GUARANTEE
Open a refrigerator full of convenience• Reach food easily with pull-out Easy Slide Shelf• 10 year warranty on the digital inverter compressor• Chrome wine rack provides elegant storage• Store bulky items conveniently in Full Open BoxConveniently maximise your storage spaceThe Easy Slide shelf is built on rolling hinges, and pulls out so you can efficiently organise and easily access your food items—and readily see just what you have store in the back. Enjoy energy savings, less noise and a 10-year warranty Unlike conventional compressors, which have just two patterns of start and stop, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor makes 5 different moving cycle based on humidity levels and usage patterns. This helps maintain a more consistent temperature, reduces wear and tear on the compressor for greater durability, and keeps noise to a minimum. # Top LED. # More energy efficient than a conventional light bulb, the Top LED shines brighter than a conventional Samsung LED. It brilliantly illuminates the entire refrigerator interior to help you clearly see your food. Find items easier, so you don’t keep the door open as long - save time and energy, too . . # Capacity .290L Total Net .98L Net Freezer . 192L Net Refrigerator . 311L Total Gross Capacity .118L Freezer Gross Capacity . 193L Refrigerator Gross Capacity .. # Dimensions h/w/d 178/60/67cm. # Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd.

Price: 379.99