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Washing Drying and Dishwasher Rental Washing Drying and Dishwasher Rental
Advantages of Renting: # No Capital Outlay No need to part with your cash - just one months advance rent. # Future proof --- When the technology changes you just upgrade to the latest and we take the old one away. # Peace of mind No repair bills, the monthly payment includes same day service by our own service team, 6 days a week inclusive of all parts and labour. If your appliance is uneconomical to repair we simply give you a new one! # With Rental you have the very latest and best in your home today and you get to keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.Prices for Washing Machines start from as little as £10.99 per month - phone 01902 353200 or email esales@tylersonline.co.uk for details.