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Bosch SMV40C00GB  Fully Integrated Dishwasher       Bosch SMV40C00GB Fully Integrated Dishwasher
Integrated Design This dishwasher has been designed to fit seamlessly into your built-in kitchen. The black control panel is located on the top of the door, which allows a cupboard door to hide the front of the machine.A red LED light shines on to the floor when the machine is running, allowing you to see if the wash has finished without opening the door.Programmes With a choice of four programmes with three different temperatures, the SMV40C00GB gives you plenty of options when it comes to cleaning your dishes.When you want to save time, use the Quick Wash programme. The Economy programme uses less water per cycle, making it more eco-friendly and energy efficient. This dishwasher also has a built-in Pre-Rinse cycle , use it prior to a full wash programme to help gently remove tough food stains.

Price: 369.99