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Beko HIC64102 Black Ceramic Electric Hob .  # WAS 199.99 Newport Store Clearance Beko HIC64102 Black Ceramic Electric Hob . # WAS £199.99 Newport Store Clearance
You get 4 cooking zones, 2 large for your big pots, 1 standard size and a smaller one to save on electricity if you just need to boil a small pan. With a smooth black glass base, the design is really minimal and easy to keep clean. The 4 control dials are located on the side; out of the way so you don’t catch them when cooking. # Features . It's got a really clean and simple look to it with a black glass top and 4 silver dials . # There are 4 cooking zones in total. 2 are quite large so ideal for bigger pots. 1 standard zone, and a smaller economy sized one, which is a great for saving on electricity as you won't need to use the bigger zones to boil a small pan. # The dials are on the right hand side, so out of the way. # Each zone comes with rapid light heating, which means it will heat up super quick. # Each zone gives you the choice of up to 9 power levels . # Ceramic hobs are easy to keep clean. The glass surface can easily be wiped down in a matter of seconds to have it looking as good as new. . # Dimensions• Height: 95mm, Width: 580mm, Depth: 510mm . # 2 Year Guarantee when registered with Beko

Price: 129.99