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Stoves Richmond 600E Crm Cream Electric Double Oven Cooker Stoves Richmond 600E Crm Cream Electric Double Oven Cooker
Richmond 600E. # 60cm electric double oven with connected programmable timer, slow closing cast aluminium lid, telescopic shelves and easy clean enamel. A/A energy rating. # Bluetooth® technology connects your oven to your smart device, allowing you to remotely set the clock and timer on your oven, make changes to the time you've set and register your appliance. # Telescopic shelves make it safer to put dishes into the oven and remove them. The shelf can be pulled out smoothly to its maximum so you don't have to reach into the oven. # Easy Clean Enamel - Wipe away spills easily with our specially designed enamel which helps prevent food from sticking on to the surface.. # Fanned Defrost - A function where the oven fan assists defrosting by circulating air around the food.. # Top Oven Conventional Cooking with Viriable Grill 37 Litres. # Main Oven Fan Assisted 65 Litres. # Ceramic 4 Zone Hob. # Product Code 444444719

Price: 849.99