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Zanussi ZTE7101PZ 7kg Vented Sensor Drying Tumble Dryer Zanussi ZTE7101PZ 7kg Vented Sensor Drying Tumble Dryer
With a 7 kg capacity and a whopping 14 programmes to choose from, the Zanussi ZTE7101PZ tumble dryer - Vented Design.. # As a vented dryer, this Zanussi model expels hot air and moisture either through a vent or a nearby window. The benefits of this design include quicker drying times and more economical cycles.. # This model has three air outlet options, giving you plenty of flexibility to put your new appliance where you want it.. # The large 7 kg capacity means large or bulky loads are handled with ease, meaning fewer cycles have to be run. It also features a large porthole, which makes loading and unloading even easier!. # Handy Features. # Fed up with your laundry getting tangled and taking longer to dry? The ZTE7101PZ employs a reverse tumble action that helps keep clothes loose and separate, and reduces creasing.. # Being able to fully open the tumble dryer is important, and Zanussi have recognised this by installing a reversible door. You can attach the hinges on either the left or right to allow for maximum access.. # A handy child lock prevents anyone trying to open the door and affecting the tumble dryer's cycle.. # Programmes Galore. # With over a dozen different programmes to choose from, this Zanussi tumble dryer has you covered.. # The easy iron programme is a godsend, saving you huge amounts of time and hassle by reducing wrinkles and creases.. # There’s a programme for jeans, which reduces the risk of shrinkage, and extra dry cycles for both cottons and synthetics, so all your laundry can be stored straight away. . # There’s even a cycle especially for babies’ clothes, leaving them perfectly soft.. # Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd.

Price: 269.99