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Bosch GCM34AW20G  390Litre 140cm Wide Chest Freezer Bosch GCM34AW20G 390Litre 140cm Wide Chest Freezer
The Bosch GCM34AW20G chest freezer is perfect for extra food storage in your garage and has the following features/ specifications:– A+ energy rating.– Large net capacity of 380 litres.– Super Freezing function with automatic deactivation.– Economy and Holiday settings meaning this model can be tailored to your needs.– 3 Baskets to help organise your food storage.– Freezer malfunction warning: LED.– Interior lighting, lights the interior optimally.– Lockable lid for safe storage of frozen food.– Eco mode function – this model always reaches the most efficient cooling/ freezing temperature at the touch of a button.– Defrost water collecting pan: always close at hand for easy defrosting.– Aluminium horizontal bar handle.– Counterbalanced lid.– Removable magnetic lid seals for easy cleaning.– Easy lid opening with Air Channel System.– Removable divider wall which can be used for collecting thawing water.– 4 Star freezer rating.– Vario Freezing – allowing for more flexibility.– Freezing capacity in 24 hours: 20kg.– Maximum freezer storage time in power failure: 60 hours.– Height adjustable feet.– Noise level: 42 dB.– Dimensions: Height 91.6cm x Width 140.5cm x Depth 74.3cm.2 Years manufacturers warranty.

Price: 489.99