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VAX W91-RS-B  Rapide Spring Lightwieght Carpet Cleaner VAX W91-RS-B Rapide Spring Lightwieght Carpet Cleaner
The Vax W91-RS-B-A Rapide Spring Clean carpet cleaner offers powerful cleaning performance in a lightweight & easy to use package. The multi-row brushbar works with the cleaning solution to gently loosen & lift embedded dirt from carpet pile that dry vacuuming alone can't reach. Weighing only 5.5kg, this lightweight carpet washer can be lifted & carried around your home effortlessly from room to room. As well as washing carpets effectively, it’s also great at sucking up accidental spills around you home, so it’s perfect for busy family homes or homes with pets & children. # Power: 700W . # Cable Range: 6 Metre . # Weight (kg): 5.5 . # Solution Tank: 2.6 Litre Recovery Tank: 1.8 Litre . # Working Width: 21cm . # Included 237ml cleaning solution

Price: 74.99