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Hoover VTC590B 9Kg Load Condenser Sensor Dryer Hoover VTC590B 9Kg Load Condenser Sensor Dryer
This tumble dryer, from well-known brand Hoover, is a great addition to any family home. An impressive 9 kg capacity means you can fit in everything but the kitchen sink. # Winter time, with its unpredictable weather, makes line drying your clothes nearly impossible. Let this Hoover condenser dryer take care of your laundry problems.. # Features. # Boasting 10 different programmes, you can adjust the machine’s settings to the type of laundry and how quickly you need it. Programmes such as ‘Rapid 40’ and ‘Bone Dry’ will help take a load off your mind on those stressful early mornings, knowing your clothes will be ready in time.. # Four different sensor dry programmes are available. Sensor drying allows you to select the level of dryness you require rather than relying on a timer. The dryer monitors the levels of moisture in the clothes and will alter the cycle accordingly. This minimises the risk of shrinkage and can save money on your electricity bill.. # With a sleek design and white finish, this dryer features an efficient reverse action to untangle your washing and help it dry faster. An automatic safety door will keep any curious children out of harm’s way.. # Condenser Technology. # Condenser dryers are becoming increasingly popular due to their superior drying capabilities and flexibility in terms of where you can put them. With traditional dryers, hot air containing the moisture has to be released via a pipe or tube. As this has to go outside, it creates restrictions on where you can locate your dryer.. # Condenser dryers condense this vapour back into water and store it in a removable container. This gives you the freedom to put your dryer just about anywhere.

Price: 249.99