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Belling BI90MF Stainless Steel Over Counter 90cm Double Oven   # Free 3 Year Guarantee Belling BI90MF Stainless Steel Over Counter 90cm Double Oven # Free 3 Year Guarantee
Multifunction Flexibility. # Belling have taken multifunction cooking to the next level with the BI90MF. There are no less than 9 options, which are fully programmable with the on-board timer. Use it as a conventional oven, or opt for top or base heat to suit a wide range of dishes. There’s a fan to improve air circulation, an Intensive Bake function for perfect bread, and even a Defrost function for faster, safer thawing.. # The top cooking cavity has an integrated grill. This can be combined with the fan for even heat distribution, or without to brown dishes on top. The grill pan and trivet are included, so you don’t have to worry about buying any extra accessories.. # Both ovens have lights and glass doors, so you can see how your food’s cooking without letting the heat out.. # Plenty of Cooking Space. # Even the largest meals aren’t a challenge for this double oven design. The main cavity has a 58 litre capacity, while the top oven provides 35 litres. Having two separate spaces gives you the flexibility to cook and grill simultaneously, or finish a meal off in the main oven while you warm up the accompaniments in the top one.. # Convenient Cleaning. # Never dread having to clean the oven again - Belling have made the process a whole lot easier thanks to their clever design features. Food and grease wipe away effortlessly, as both cooking compartments have an easy clean enamel coating. You can also remove the inner glass from the door to give it a really thorough wash.. # The built-in design adds a sleek, consistent look to your kitchen. A stainless steel finish is elegant and contemporary, while the standard 88.5 x 59.5 x 55 cm dimensions should fit into your existing space with ease.

Price: 349.99