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Neff S513M60X0G Built In Integrated Dishwasher. Unique On Floor Display   # Euronics Half Price Installation to 29/03/19 Neff S513M60X0G Built In Integrated Dishwasher. Unique On Floor Display # Euronics Half Price Installation to 29/03/19
This built-in dishwasher from NEFF has six programmes and room for 14 place settings, so that you can take the best possible care of your crockery and utensils.Featuring a stainless steel interior, the NEFF S513M60X0GB stays spotless as it keeps kitchenware clean. It is exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, which means you won’t find this fantastic model anywhere else.Folding SpaceThe S513M60X0GB features a varioFlex Basket, which offers ample room for pans, plates, dishes and glasses. Not only this, but it also has moveable and foldable parts with coloured touchpoints, so you can change the space to suit your load. Whether you need to fit large pots into the machine or want to clean a full load of glasses, the basket can be set to provide the best possible space.Providing a third loading level, the varioDrawer slides out at the top of the unit. You can raise or drop this drawer, with side sections that hold it in place for the best possible wash result. This shallow drawer is perfect for cutlery and small items.This NEFF dishwasher also features four plate racks in the bottom basket, which can be folded down for more space.Practical ProgrammesUse the black control panel to access the dishwasher’s range of programmes, which include:Auto 45 °C - 65 °COne hour 65 °CPre-rinseECO 50 °C – a low temperature, high-efficiency wash that saves energyGlass 40 °C – a cooler wash to avoid damage to glassChef 70 °C – this setting uses hotter water and a powerful spray for cleaning even the dirtiest pots and burnt-on foodThere is also a timed delay setting on the S513M60X0GB, which can be set for 1-24 hours. Set the wash to begin at a convenient time, so that you can come home to perfectly clean plates and dishes.Intelligent CleaningWith low temperature options and special settings, this NEFF dishwasher takes great care of glass items.  ‘Neffsparkle Glasscare’ is an automatic system that’s been designed with mixed loads in mind. Glassware is treated with extra caution, and a low-pressure spray system is used to avoid streaks and smears.Despite being a built-in dishwasher, the S513M60X0GB’s LED TimeLight feature gives users an easy to read display. Your load’s wash time and programme are projected onto the floor in front of the unit – this light is white, for better visibility on most floors.Plus, this NEFF dishwasher boasts an A++ energy rating, making it more efficient and less harmful to the environment.. # Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd.

Price: 549.99